Monet Gardens

Noting the impressive beauty of the Impressionist muse, I wonder

Who would not be inspired to the magical nature⁇

The wonderful gardens of Monet are, more than a dream to light.

Specks scattered with elegant subtlety, lets us see the greatness of colorful inspiration, observed meditatively.

In the silently peace that (I imagine) the world of all colors can give us; but yet, only a genius with an innate sensitivity, have captured for us in his invaluable legacy.

Maybe, I’m a bit poetic today, perhaps, my sensitivity emerges through this visual tour timeless and live through the gardens that were the inspirational muse for the great Monet.

Looking at photographs of the gardens, each one gives me, different scenarios. My imagination has wings, and my thoughts begin to build to bring a design sketches.

Could you imagine a world without gardens or without flowers⁇

What a gift we have!

Nature inspires, heals, soothes, sings, cries, is peace is harmony …

I hope that like me, you may inspired, if not, I know that at least, will be a real pleasure for the senses.


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