Jo Lynn Alcorn PaperArt

“I look to nature, the greatest designer, for inspiration.
In my work I try to capture the luscious color, rich detail,
and endless variety that I see
and at the same time add my sense of fantasy”.
Technique of 3 dimensional paper collage, in an almost endless variety of colors and patterns,  sometime painting and patterning them as needed.
“The process of making the image is all hands-on. I choose my palette of papers. Next I cut out all the elements of the design, and construct the piece in layers, using foamcore, balsawood, tape and glue to add dimension.”
“Then a professional photographer lights and photographs the picture. When the piece is lit, dramatically or subtly, according to the purpose of the illustration, the play of light and shadow give an intriguing quality of mystery and depth that make my work unusual and pleasing.”