Get an original style

It’s like cooking with ingredients that we have.

Have you ever happened – I guess so – when you want

to prepare a dish, you don’t have all the ingredients, you check the shelves, go to fridge and nothing, you are missing several ingredients but … you have others, and say, well, I’ll cooking with the ingredients I have.

The experience … and instinct guide you to mix all the flavors wisely!


What happens!

 or better said,


 – as my french friend might say –

 in the end, you get your creation has been more tasty and original.

This applies to the design.

We can create a style, a trend and something very original for our ambience.

These photographs are a good example, in these environments, has not only made something beautiful, it has also achieved a personal style, I would say unique.

Here are mosaics of differences mixed styles, colors and sizes, which give a colorful andvintage flavor. This allows us to recycle, looking for parts be united to make the design. The last style being stressed or not, with the equipment and furnishings.

When I say stress or not, I do not necessarily mean that the environment should be vintage, or rustic; these floors can be fitted well with many other decorating styles, even including minimalism – if used as an accent – you know it… less is more.

 Another combination can be done to do something chic,  mosaics with metal, etched glass and polished concrete.

 So, cook with what you have and styling in the same way, the result will be more than amazing!

Gabriela Delgado

Interior Designer

 Images via ObjectbiS BLOG