Roya Hamburger – Ilustrations Graphic

Roya Hamburger Inspirations
Alex Steinweiss, Andy Warhol, Rinzen, Takashi Murakami. Sarah Kay (Holy Hobby), Charles M. Schulz (Snoopy), Andy Warhol. Japanese design and art, Indian and Persian miniatures and design from the sixty and seventies (especially interior design from those eras). Native art from around the world, in which you recognize original shapes and patterns.
“As a child my favourite activity was drawing. Drawing was something in which I excelled. I wanted nothing more than turn this talent into my profession.
At the age of seventeen I was admitted to art school and skipped the first year due to the level of my work. At the same time I held a day-job working part-time at a graphic design company. Soon the company clients asked for my illustrations for their publications.
This kicked-off my career as an artist and a freelancer. At the age of eighteen I made illustrations for the FNV magazine and the Flair, a major Belgian ladies magazine. Because I noticed strong demand for my work, I decided to postpone my education to develop my skills as a working professional.
Soon my work got noticed and I catered to the artistic needs of clients such as Cosmopolitan magazine, Elle, M, Avant Garde, ABN-AMRO, Bruna, British Airways, Man Power, Dutch Railways, Postbank, Deloitte and Touche, Peter Stuyvesant and Martini. Since 2002 I have more international clientele and my work appears in various international publications.
When working for publishers and advertising agencies objectives always revolves around communicating a message. This is exactly where my passion and skills overlap. When it comes to commissioned work, the main point is “telling another’s story” After sixteen years being a professional in commissioned work, its time for me to tell my own story as well with chosen subjects and communicating in my own way. I have this long-time dream to create work that “broadens consciousness”, with an idealistic flavour, using graphic design, illustration and animation as vehicles.
In my work I am always looking for the best possible balance between composition, shape and atmosphere to carry out a certain message. I seek to integrate different images into one by using both graphics and realistic images. So my work gets more depth by merging 2D and 3D. I therefore feel more like a designer then”.  More in her website