Water Architectural Projects

water – curse or blessing: encouraging architectural projects in asia-pacific
aedes am pfefferberg, berlin, germany
september 9th to october 21, 2011

Images courtesy of aedes am pfefferberg
Beginning in early september, the ‘water – curse or blessing’ exhibition will be held at the aedes am pfefferberg, presenting a series of urban, infrastructural, architectural and planning proposals for east, south and southeast asia. it is essential to highlight that over 50% of the world’s population lives in cities and 90% of those individuals live near substantial bodies of water. the region’s growing population living within close vicinity to oceans and rivers will become increasingly affected by a range of issues including water shortages, droughts, floods and a rise in sea levels.
The presented proposals were generated by a sampling of architects and urban planners to assist the affected countries in coping with their water related issues. topics addressed by these proposals include rainwater harvesting, desalination, flood protection and other infrastructural improvements to contribute to improved water management.
Images courtesy of aedes am pfefferberg
Tailored solutions for australia, china, india, korea, singapore, taiwan, thailand and the united arab emirates address a wide range of different climates with the hopeful result of resolving their respective water management issues upon implementation.  ranging in scale from extensive constructed wetlands to artificial islands to floating buildings, they comprehensively aspire to allow coexistence with water.
Lectures from prominent experts in the field will expound upon the link between the changing climate and architectural or urban manifestations to counter its negative affects. film screenings by american filmmaker michael buckley and indian filmmaker Rintu Thomas will present alternative perspectives to the exhibition’s collection.
Text and images via designboom