Picasso inspiration

Holman House, a house-sculpture in front of the Tasman Sea, inspired by La Bañísta.

Durbach Block Jaggers Architects has been by Picasso‘s art-work, La Bañísta, to create the floor of this house that stands as a work of art to the vastness of the Tasman Sea.

Located in Dover Heights, Sydney, the two storey house is situated on the edge of a cliff of 70 meters. Inside the various rooms flow with each other and modulate, stretch and fold, inspired by the famous torso of The Bather brilliant painter and sculptor from Malaga. The rooms  designed to maximize natural light and landscape.

 Durbach Block Jaggers specialize in both residential projects as the creation of public spaces. His works characterized find the most elegant solution. In his own words “We aim to achieve simplicity, transparency of the idea. We believe in an architecture that is not afraid of beauty and modesty. “

 I love the perspective of Durbach Block Jaggers, Architects! What do you think?