Villa 4.0 by Dick van Gameren

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Villa 4.0 is a bungalow dating from 1967 situated on the outskirts of the Dutch city of Hilversum,

project conducted by Dick van Architecten.

 Villa 4.0 is certainly a well-planned house, bright and in favor of natural wellness.

The furniture and accessories are simple and beautiful. Gameren

The house has large windows that give plenty of light and garden view

The color and lighting are part of the charm of the interior and exterior of this house. The colors used reproduce the tones of nature.

 Thinking about ecology!

The kitchen includes a wood stove eco-efficient, capable of air-conditioning throughout the house for 24 hours after two working sessions of 90 minutes.

For rooms located in a hexagonal block in one end, we have chosen bamboo flooring, a plant that is growing rapidly as more sustainable alternative to traditional wood.

Bamboo and concrete floors easy to keep up material

The interior lighting based on LED technology that is about 50 times longer than incandescent and consumes 90% less electricity.