The mid-century atmosphere of Mad Men

Today I want to talk about the wonderful atmosphere of Mad Men set in the early 1960, where we can see iconic works of art– furniture, with a nostalgic attention to detail of life in the 60’s, from sharp, tailored suits and Trilby to full-skirted, high-waisted dresses and perfectly manicured hands, hazed in the blur of cigarette smoke.

Mad Men marries with substance and style. Fashion pages are still full of frothy Betty Draper and dresses swishing.

Prada’s autumn 2010 show rumoured to have been directly inspired by the small screen’s depiction of ’60s-style New York; every other shopping page screams “Get the Mad Men Look!”

According Modernity magazine, in an interview with the Interior Design, Wells explains the authentic look she wanted to create: “I want to make Mad Men look real, as if the people really have those pieces.

Wells, in an extensively researched the period by studying early decorating books and magazines, including Fifties Furniture, Creative Home Decorating, The Doubleday Book of Interior Decorating and Inside Today’s Home, before putting her set designs together and scouring for authentic pieces from the original era either from prop houses, American– based design stores such as Room Service, Modernica, vintage boutiques like Deja Vu and antique markets.


Images via The Mid-Century Modernist Amazing website!