The Fridge Of The Future

According to scholars designers  Fabian Kreuzer and Markus Lorenz Schilling, the refrigerator or refrigerator should be a family member and thus be assigned certain tasks, and what better job for a refrigerator applications that handle foodproperly. My Fridge is a project developed by these guys during this past summer at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd / Germany.
The Germans designers have managed the latest technology that allows users to make a series of tasks without opening the fridge so often…
The aim of the refrigerator is to simplify the process of food management, focusing on technical and communication aspects of the refrigerator. Using new RFID technology (Radio-Frequency Identification), the refrigerator equipped with readers that collect data on quality, measure, expiration date, and even recipes and presents it in a unique interactive touch screen.
Developed with the user experience in mind, the fridge outfitted with a 3D feature allowing users to explore the contents of the fridge without opening the door, go with internet connection and have instant access to food prices and place guides of nearby stores for replenishing supplies.
Images via Neva Multiview
Enjoy the video
Always are welcome projects like these, that make our lives more pleasant and comfortable.
The technology and talent in advance!