Chic style

Deterioration and neatness!  A dramatic combination as current trends.

A decadent backdrop enhances impeccable pieces

Peeling walls, furniture revealing the passage of time, worn surfaces alternating with the last cries of design.
Industrial spaces
Cracks in concrete and rough finish show the deterioration and abandonment, away from the neatness of the polished surfaces that were of far industrial spaces converted into homes. It is this imperfection that gives great value to the new chic dirty environments.
The charm of decline is gaining strength, where the old alleged obsolescence and away from print style: a mixture of colors almost erased from the walls, dilapidated parts paint and lost long ago… Everything else is left to the imagination and creativity! mixing furniture, artwork, colors palette and accessories to do the dramatic and charming finish.
Image 1 and 2 from Elle Decor
All other images from Shootfactory
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