A New Style of Provence

This charming house has thick stone walls and wooden beams, and is a restored farmhouse with great attention to detail in the French countryside of Provence. Transformation is the incredible work of architects Jacques and Eric Chevalier, and is now home to a couple and their three children. The outdoor space of the house has enriched with a pool, while the interior allows you to witness the original structure, an old winery where wine produced.
The room that housed barrels has transformed into a large room on two levels, separated by a fireplace. To the north, the blank wall support structure serves as a double flight of stairs. To the south, opening a black-painted iron, designed by Jacques Chevalier, on the border with their bows in the courtyard where they grow palm trees, flowers and plants.
The house has unusual decor that mixes great design classics such as couches and chairs designed by Le Corbusier, with traditional furniture and rural France. In the kitchen, a combustion chamber is part of unused decorative block, the center of the island combines a rough stone structure with simple boxes, wicker baskets in the open corners of the house and a pantry behind closed wood doors waxed six years old.
Essential, almost monastic, even the bedroom, with its stone walls and niches screens from old wooden shutters: the owners have purchased an antique shop, then system mounted on wheels. Now run along metal tracks and serve as doors for closets. It is a ode to spa bath, designed as a spa ascetic taste, in a style that characterizes the entire house. The shower is at the center of the space, which designed as a single large reservoir. With the surfaces are completely covered with travertine.
Photos by Barbara Gerosa
Source At Casa