Wonderful Fusion Design Crafts

Fusion of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship Vietnamese, a successful mixture of color, textures and simple shapes are beautiful itself,  as an accent that will look absolutely lovely.
For those who love craft and enjoy the ethnic language, these pieces are a genuine alternative.
Mattias Rask and Tor Palm are the Swedish duo that makes up Glimpt, a studio specializing in work with artisans around the world. Their creations of the match between design and craftsmanship and always drag a story behind each object. After the pleasant experience of working and cooperating with South African artisans for their first project, Rask and Palm continued to seek new joint ventures established in other countries of craft production.
The idea of collaborating with Vietnam began to take shape through UMA, a local furniture company that helped them find and contact the artisan weavers Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam.
To soak up all that the country, culture and indigenous manufacturing could give, traveled to Vietnam without any preconceived ideas, open to all that the weavers could offer. The inspiration came from observing his trabajo.Después to spend time with them and see how small bowls woven native, Swedish designers came up with the idea of moving large-scale technology. On the other hand, during his stay in Vietnam, I was struck by the street sale of hammocks made with threads of colores.La perfect idea came from combination of both. Thus, the typical applied colored thread with which the hammocks made to the ancient technique of weaving bowls and obtained the key to success of the seats and the lamp Superheroes.En the design of the collection has also been involved Swedish illustrator Malin Koort , who helped develop the patterns of serie.Los items be ordered through the UMA Vietnamese company.
Studio photos, Daniel Through. All others, Glimpt.
Text source and shots Via diario Design