The Beauty Indoor & outdoor of The Bridle Road Residence

Surely you will enjoy as much as I of this magnificent home! Nothing to add, nothing to remove, is simply wonderful and well planned inside and out.
Gubbins House by Antonio Zaninovic, Rees Roberts and Partners, David Kelly , located at the base of the mountain, the Atlantic coast, Cape Town. Honor Award from the American Society and Landscape Architects.
Cape Town is a place of ecological diversity, the heart of Bridle Road’s landscape is the Fynbos, collection of fine shrubs that are native to a small track of land encapsulating much of Cape Town but  threatened by fire. The developers of this project have created a magnificent garden based on the diverse species & local flora, creating a safe commune for exotic species, giving rise a lush and beautiful garden.
This amazing South African home constructed in 2010, built with locally poured concrete and balau wood native to this region, ensuring that the construction footprint left on the local environment was minimal.  It’s occupants are not only gifted with one of the most stunning vistas in the world, but they can rest easy knowing that their sustainable modern home gives as much back to the local environment as it has taken away from it.  The team that crafted this residence and its landscape deserves a world of credit.
The patio and the garden has a pool, ecologically balanced, self-cleaning using plants, sand, gravel and a waterfall built into the side of the house. Water flowing in a natural pool up in a reflection pool in a private courtyard above, then washed down over side of the house on a waterfall that flows into the window of a bathroom and sauna. The flowing waters offer a natural curtain for privacy of guests in the inside bathroom.
Images Via: The Coolist and Daily Icon