Flowers and Nature Inpiración for your Carpets

From Pidao Group  Inspired by the blossoming fields around Piodao, Flowers spreads an immense passion into any space while It’s pattern brings to the environment a sense of happiness.

They are really beautiful designs Pidao Group, inspired by nature, give a touch of freshness and warmth to any space!
 Feeling full of immeasurable dreams
Desiring to burst forth with unfolding hues
Opening with the natural ease of a sigh
Blessed with a spattering of morning dew
Petals instinctively absorb rays of warmth
Releasing a heavenly fragrance so freely
Intoxicating all who inhale as they pass by
Holding a matchless moment… demurely
Admiring eyes drink in your amazing beauty
As a stride slows and comes to a standstill
Your charm prevents time from going forward
Attaching to a heart that is lastingly fulfilled
~Theresa Ann Moore
You can see more designs in Pidao website, all beautiful and different!
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