Interior Design in China and slightly more …

For those who do not know much about development of interior design in China.
I traveled to China, coinciding with World Expo 2010. I loved meeting the wonderful city Beijing and the stunning city of Shanghai, was really impressed by the beauty of the cutting edge city but with the traditional charm of its roots.
For those who want to watch a short video I made with pictures of the Bay of Shanghai
I want to share with you some examples of Asian works, with a mix of tradition and modernity, beauty and good taste!
These designs are a sign of luxury lifestyle.
This design information obtained from a design company in China called DYEast Design Consultants, but they have no website, yet you can contact them via this email.
This includes interior design, Asian-style luxury living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Here are some of the images also include work done the interior design of luxury hotels and restaurants.
I hope you enjoy the good work.