Aga Kayu House, originally beautiful and creative

The Aga Kayu House designed to the Italian entrepreneur
Mr. Alberto Agazzi by the Indonesian architect Yoka Sara.
With modern architectural language and visually harmonious, this house has a very original expression in terms of design concept.
Though at first may seem difficult to understand, it is clear that coexistence with the natural environment is one of its priorities.
The curved lines offer a visual motion, perfectly integrated with the extensive gardens.
The plant consists essentially of a garage and three bedroom guest cottage in four directions, each with a private garden terrace and an outside toilet. Occupying the center a pavilion, two stories containing the dining room and the main hall and a beautiful garden that seems floating, also has a study on the first floor. The central pavilion has an oval staircase with a nice bamboo fence, standing out within the environment as a decorative element.
To end, I love the bamboo as a decorative element, but also,  the unconventional and creative distribution; the curved roof, the visual and the gardens! It is certainly a beautiful house full of magic and originality.