New York City apartment renovated by Steven Harris Architects and Rees Roberts + Partners.

A remodeled jewel in terms of interior design.
An apartment where every detail has considered to express the personality and elegance of their owners.
With walls clad in a serene beige silk, is a subdued counterpoint to the exuberant living room.
The dressing room covered in ivory-color faux ostrich, and the interiors of the bathroom’s antiqued-mirror drawers are the particular shade of coral in the packaging of the Yves Saint Laurent perfume Paris. On the counter are vintage Fornasetti trays holding Weiss’s pearl necklaces.
The Rockefeller Apartments, a landmark 1936 modernist building he knew well. Designed by architect Wallace K. Harrison—whose other New York projects include the United Nations headquarters and the Metropolitan Opera house at Lincoln Center—the Rockefeller, with its unornamented exterior surfaces and curving bays of steel-framed windows, is one of the city’s most gracious examples of International Style.
“Anything one does with Claire is a profound collaboration,” Harris says. “She’s a connoisseur in the best sense of the term.” Adds Rees Roberts, “In the dialogue we have with her, there’s an understanding and a trust that bring out our best. And because of her years at Bendel, she knows how to work with designers.”
You can read more about the interesting history that predates the successful remodeling in Architectural Digest