The Urban Style of BoConcept

BoConcept Urban Design
Part of the story of BoConcept, narrated by themselves
“Our homes are full of great stories. About ourselves. What we love. And what we enjoy doing. We surround ourselves with our favorite things. Things that are important to us and things that allow us to live the life we want. So when we come home — we truly feel at home. Denmark is BoConcept’s home and it’s where we’ve been designing and manufacturing design furniture for almost 60 years. That is our history.
The BoConcept story started back in 1952, when two gifted Danish craftsmen, Jens Ærthøj Jensen and Tage Mølholm, decided to open a furniture factory in the small town of Herning, Denmark. Their goal was not only to make great quality furniture that looked good, but also make it functional and provide good value for money. Jensen and Mølholm got it right. Their vision transformed BoConcept from a small furniture factory into Denmark’s most global retail furniture chain with more than 230 successful franchise-driven Brand Stores and 90 Studios in more than 50 countries.
To this day, we continue to produce furniture in Denmark, as well as in other parts of the world, where we have chosen to work closely with a few, select suppliers to ensure that our heritage and years of experience are carried through in everything we do.
Great design knows no borders. The basic need to feel at home is just as important in Shanghai or Berlin as in New York City or Copenhagen. BoConcept offers customized design so our products can be adapted to your needs and dreams, no matter where you live and how much space you have.”

Some of their sketches through the lens of Mikkel Rahr Mortensen

and stylist Gitte Kjær.