El Refúgio do Velejador by Deborah Aguiar

An enchanting atmosphere with reusable materials

Deborah Aguiar designed El Refugio do Velejador – The Sailor’s Refuge – for the São Paulo Casa Cor 2009. With its 380 square meters, the house has been completely thought be the most eco-friendly as possible, but preferring the comfort of its residents. Woods reuse used in furniture, fixtures, sculptures, all frames and pergolas built with certified wood. The rules of concrete floors that mimic wood, carpets and fabrics in natural fibers recycled and water fountains powered by solar energy contribute to a more eco-home.
For the architect, one of its functions is to disseminate the use of reusable materials and cause the least possible impact to their buildings and this project, she did it superbly. Deborah Aguiar managed to assemble a home-built to enjoy nature to the couple alone or with friends and family, outdoor, fireplace and terrace, lounge pier and fire, internal social areas like living, home-office and gourmet and private areas (bedrooms and bathrooms). The large glass walls and the great
amount of wood used in the project are that nature is at home.
The contemporary style of architecture that is very present in the refuge of the Sailor. The terrace with fireplace and lounge chairs with pressed bamboo and leather, just like the living room with wood sculpture recycled, a large photo of a beautiful sea, signed by photographer Márcio Scavone, chaises and coffee brown Italian leather set the tone environment. There is also a library filled with books and works of art illuminated by natural light and some fixtures of wood.
With this project, Deborah Aguiar received the awards for Best Design and Most Sustainable Project at Casa Cor 2009.
Data Sheet:
Location: Sao Paulo-SP
Year: 2009
Area: 380 m²
Architecture and Interior Design: Deborah Aguiar
Photos: Disclosure