Liz and Sophie House by Pedro Ernesto Gualberto

The Warmth & Sumptuous Colors of Tropical House

 Residence in a gated community in Goiânia Brazil
The house designed for his own family and prioritized comfort, contact with nature and leisure. This area is even one of the highlights of the project with infinity pool, 20 meter lap pool, a large deck, and all support changing rooms and toilets.
The facade of the house is clad in stone, iron, and its sides planted fruit trees and landscaping details. The kitchen and service area located in the center of the residence, protected by a stone wall. The living room is impressive, has ceiling four feet and consists of rooms and dining room, integrated through doors to the balcony floor to ceiling. To maintain a comfortable temperature in a region known for high temperatures, the architect promoted cross ventilation at the site. In the toilet, details such as a crystal chandelier, the wallpaper that highlights and use a frame crafted marble adds a touch of sophistication. The intimate area located upstairs with the master suite with a balcony facing the woods.
Another example of proximity to the green is the balcony with ceiling heights of differentiated and received a vertical garden. The landscaping has signed Neusa Baiocchi, Henry and Eryck Teles. To ensure visual continuity between the porch and social spaces, the professional used travertine marble floors. The mix space gives plenty of freedom to the residents as connecting the garage to the porch on feast days.
Data Sheet:
Location: Goiania-GO
Year: 2011
Area: 653.80 m²
Architecture and Interior Design: Pedro Ernesto
Landscape design: Neusa Baiocchi, Henry and Eryck Teles
Photos: Edgar Cesar