The Juvet Landscape Hotel by Jensen & Skodvin Architects

An impressive boutique hotel for those who enjoy the stunning scenery and outdoor life!

By Jensen & Skodvin architects
With strong visual effect due to difficult terrain, the Juvet Landscape Hotel based on three ideas. The first nature and experience with nature, the second idea is the cultural history of the place and the third, the goal was to show what Norway is like today when it comes to architecture and engineering skill.
The architecture of Juvet Landscape Hotel is minimalist, it’s all about what you see on the outside. There is almost nothing inside, no paint, just the basics. Its pretty dark inside to give impression of being in a chamber, the window to nature is the goal.
The whole project is an experiment to see if it’s possible to do things in nature and instead of bringing it down, harnessing or making nature come out stronger after you did something. There is a famous architect who once said that the best buildings are those in difficult terrain. The whole idea with the buildings is the place where they are. It gives a very strong visual effect.”
To know more about this wonder, through this you can read the interview with the owner made by Welcome Beyond.