Some things about trends and style

When we talk about styles and trends in interior design, we can relate the use we give to the trends of fashion. The designers guide us on trends, but the customer decides what to wear and how to use it. In short, the result will be our hallmark and style. When we are genuine and original, rather than to please others, we dress to feel good, beautiful and comfortable.
The same goes for the environments, the designer works to create the most appropriate setting and provide solutions, but always bearing in mind the customer reflected in the outcome of the project.
At present the trends and styles are very free, carry our personal seal, allowing fusion and compatibility of items, furniture blends, textures and color, among others.
When design conceived as a social thing, the possibilities open to new styles and products that suit the current global economic and social conditions.
The range of materials available to us are many. These are times where the variety and the factor in-genius-creativity, are testing to make use of the most unusual materials for a design project, allowing lower costs, look for recycling, product-customer benefit, functionality, beauty and originality.
Image via T & T Life