Laight by Bates Masi + Architects

Description from architects
“This recently converted Tribeca loft came to us through a designer who wanted architecturally designed furniture pieces inspired by a beautifully curved, opalescent glass egg. The work included kitchen cabinetry, an entry console, an entry bench, fireplace wall unit, gallery seating, a master bath vanity and a master bedroom storage unit. First, it was important to understand what about the egg could pertain to these pieces. It seemed that the calm and wholeness of the egg were its appeal.
The characteristic of calm was in its light-grabbing color and this influenced the palette of materials which include African ribbon striped mahogany, brushed stainless steel, unprocessed leather and mirrored acid etched glass. The idea of wholeness conveyed in the seamlessness of the egg inspired a vocabulary of interlocking panels with no apparent hardware, floating above the ground. Although all of the pieces share the use of materials and design vocabulary, each piece was designed specific to its function with the intent of changing their perfunctory uses into more thoughtful experiences.
The entry console positioned at the front door, floats above the wood floor and asserts its independence from all other
objects. Its stainless steel counter wraps down around its side and becomes a water-collecting pan for the clients wet umbrellas. Cut into the top of the counter is a leather pocket for those items (loose change, mail, metro cards) that one scoops up on his/her way out the door or deposits while returning home. A drawer pulls out of the front of the console with an outlet for a cell phone re-charger.
The fireplace wall unit also shares the same use of materials. It is a puzzle of glass veneered panels that when closed is the seamless, calm egg. When one or all of the panels are opened a new world of complexity unravels and the functions of television, stereo system, wood storage and media storage is revealed.
The master bath double vanity takes the experience of daily grooming to another level. A single piece of 6” thick cast resin rests on top of the floating mahogany cabinet. This piece of glass is lit from below and formed within it are two sinks that pitch to a common drain. When turned on, the wall mounted faucets set the stream of water in motion along the interconnected troughs.
All the pieces are individual in their form, yet they all share the calming and wholeness qualities of the egg with an added layer of complexity driven by each one’s purposiveness.”