The Versatile Blogger Award #5

I got nominated by Ann Novek, She is animal lovers! This love is notorious in each of her post! And I’m grateful for the unexpected nomination

 So the rules now…

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.

2. List 10 bloggers to pass on the award.

These are the blogs I chose to pass this award to … No matter the order

3) List Seven Things About Yourself ( LOL!)

1) Artistic always!
2) I love nature and animals. Pets are one of my weaknesses!
I have five kittens in my apartment (to go crazy … Lol…) all taken from the street and all beautiful! I have to put a blindfold over my eyes to not continue collecting (I can not have more).
3) I like everything in the holy place! Cleanliness, order and beauty is my motto
4) I am a lover of music, dance, photography and travel!
5) Ohl the flowers and poems…
6) Inclined for all that is good for everyone and every being in the world! I don’t like injustice
7) If I were a superhero, I would end the nuclear bombs in the world.

Note: to the persons who got awards, don’t feel any pressure to accept it! I know a few that don’t want any Awards!!!!