A house where children and adults have fun playing
If you don’t believe, I invite you to read and look at the pictures!

Part of a new gated housing cluster, this two-story house for a multigenerational family of four includes a renovation of an existing 1,292-square-foot house with an addition in an adjacent 2,153-square-foot empty lot. Restricted by its corner setback, the building occupies only 1,615 square feet of the total 3,445-square-foot plot. The house’s exterior does not stand out, but mimics the neighboring slopedroof houses. The interior, however, is unique, catering to the king of the house—a five-year-old boy—with a slide that goes from the second floor bedroom area to the first floor dining space.
Design concept and solution:
A minimal material palette defines the aesthetic of this house, with exposed concrete walls and ceiling punctuated by small glass incisions. There is no air-conditioning system in the house, and except for the three enclosed bedrooms, the rest of the house is a 32-foot-high open space dominated by a white and gray palette of exposed concrete. The double-height space, along with a special coating of heat-resistant membrane on the external roof surface and plenty of climbing plants around the exterior—plants that will soon grow to the roof—counter the heat-trapping qualities of concrete in this tropical climate.
Conceived and executed during the construction period, the concrete slide more than fulfills the five-year-olds’ fantasy and serves as a curiosity for passersby. The slide has become a favorite place to play for a group of middle age women who regularly meet at the house—a natural ice breaker to start an endless conversation. At night, it turns into a beacon when internal light penetrates up from inside through the glass circular hole on top.
The house has now become a play destination for both children and adults in the neighborhood. The oldest person to slide was a 78-year-old woman, while the youngest was a three-year-old girl; both of who carried the same joyful smile after completing the short journey.
Total construction cost:
Architect Aboday
Jl. Kemang Selatan I/16C
T: 62 21 7193664
F: 61 21 7191430
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Source Aboday