Ethnic Style

            Ethnic style in subtle & modern ways! The objects and accent colors bring it the charm!
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The ethnic style is one of the interiors trends – always in vogue, characterized with different cultures.
In these spaces the atmosphere can have well-defined features or just a few touches, where a single object convey the spirit that characterizes a certain region.
The multicultural touch is what gives life to this style. This style chooses the particular accent of a culture or combination of them. These are usually African culture, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Moors, including MediterraneanLatin American  and Caribbean cultures.
Both color palette as furniture to used is extensive. In this style the possibilities are wide, depends on our personal touch and atmosphere we want to achieve.
White colors, plus a contemporary or minimalist furniture is perfect to achieve a luminous and wide environment, and a Loft style. With rustic furniture, antique – classic, or many styles – eclectic, the result is more dramatic and colorful.
The materials, light, textures play an important role. The environments are often tempered with a soft, diffuse lighting. The spot lights are a perfect choice for highlighting objects and without more, to achieve lights and shadows, creating a warm atmosphere full of nuances.
On these ethnic or multicultural environments, the materials and art pieces create the magic. Pieces such as masks, tapestries, killims, leather, furs, fabrics, carpets, wood carvings, ceramics, tiles, raffia, murals and even dresses typical of a region, provide the potential to achieve an atmosphere of perfect coexistence.