Fredericia Furniture

“The furniture in Fredericia Furniture’s collection ranges from classics rooted in the golden age of Danish furniture architecture to daring and innovative designs such as Cecilie Manz’s prized side table Micado. But even though the collection covers a historical period of more than half a century, the furniture has been created with the same sense of quality and the same courage to try something new in the search for the good design.
Our production is modern and up-to-date but it is based on the same handicraft traditions that founded the company’s success 50 years ago. And, as we did then, we still emphasise a close co-operation between manufacturer and designer because ongoing dialogue guarantees the best result when creating a new piece of furniture.
It is okay for novelties to be sensational and to point ahead as long as they fit into our design philosophy. There must be a balance between the functional and the aesthetic. The design must spring from an idea because there must be a story behind it. When these requirements have been fulfilled it does not matter how new or old a piece of furniture is. Our opinion is that all good things can be in the same room.”

Fredericia Furniture

Photographer: Mikkel Rahr Mortensen

Stylist: Gitte Kjær Publicer: Benjamin

Source Yellows Photography