Lily Wang

Usually frequented by artists, fashion designers and communicators, the restaurant “Lily Wang” is a clear example of this new generation of Asian restaurants that are now the “last” in Paris.  Lily Wang interior… Continue reading

Monet Gardens

Noting the impressive beauty of the Impressionist muse, I wonder Who would not be inspired to the magical nature⁇ The wonderful gardens of Monet are, more than a dream to light. Specks scattered… Continue reading

Erika Janunger

“There is so much to love and be Erika Janunger by in this world. How things move and sound and behave. But mostly I can’t stop thinking about how we behave when we… Continue reading

Breakfast Interrupted

One of most recent shoots, titled Breakfast Interrupted, is now live for your viewing pleasure. Shot primarily with the Phantom HD Gold at 1000fps, the piece is designed to showcase food in a… Continue reading

Captivating at the first sight

World-renowned designer Philippe Starck’s sleek, bento box-inspired surroundings, complete with oversized, backlit images of Geishas, give a striking backdrop. With superb talent and exacting precision, Katsuya by Starck is change the face of… Continue reading

Ethnic flavors

When it comes to details, the ethnic accents can bring a unique and exotic decor. Today is very common to get home with atmospheres of different countries. The ethics elements, as well as… Continue reading

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